David and Caroline Morris
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Home page

Welcome to the home page of David, Caroline and Daniel Morris. Across the top of the page are links to our individual pages. David has bits on computing and fishing. Caroline has pages on sewing, quilting and old sewing machines. Daniel has some nursery rhymes with music and words. Caroline's pages haven't been updated into the new format yet.

We also maintain the web site for Chapeltown Silver Prize Band.

Close friends and near neighbours Mark and Amanda Kelly also have a home site (well, it's really Mark's...) at http://www.jakepeg.demon.co.uk. For the last few years, we've been taking holidays on the shores of Loch Broom in Scotland with Amanda and Mark. We also list amongst one of our favourite places, Center Parcs, and we visit the Sherwood Forest park several times a year.

We've got a 'favourites' page (yes - we're English!) that lists some of our favourite places on the Net.

These pages are hosted by either Demon Internet or Plusnet (F9) depending on whether the content is static or dynamic. We're lucky enough to have an ADSL connection so run a Linux server at home to host the dynamic content.