Who's who on ukh?

Welcome to the who's who of the ukh mailing list. Any regular contributor is welcome to have their mugshot and bio included on this page. All you have to do is email the picture to me with the words. If you don't have access to a scanner, all is not lost. You can send me a passport-sized photo and I'll organise the scanning. If you send me an SAE, I'll return the photo as well. If you want to get on this list, send your pic and bio to ukh-users@davidm.demon.co.uk. MIME-encoded messages are welcome, as are uu-encoded. Pictures are preferred as jpg, but any usual PC format will do - I can handle the conversion.

Ok, enough of my petty ramblings. In un-alphabetical order, here's the list of sad cases you could be corresponding with.

mcglynn.jpg - 5.5 KNeil A. McGlynn: Born 26-1-68 in Kirkcaldy, Fife. Educated at George Heriot's School, Edinburgh and I have a BSc(hons) in Computer Science from the University of Edinburgh. Support Fife Flyers but live in Swindon these days. I work as a Software Engineer for Lucent Technologies. Single, no children, no pets, cannot play hockey but I do own an original UK-H Allstars hockey jersey (#19). Email: neil@lucent.com

morris.jpg - 5.3 K David Morris: Born 30Apr63 (birthday cards welcome), educated in Sheffield with a degree in Systems Modelling and a post graduate qualification in beer drinking, I live with my wife, and a rabbit in Sheffield. I support the Sheffield Steelers (someone has to), skate like a plank and in my spare time am Systems Development Manager (a grand title for Computer Manager) for Special Melted Products. I also run the Steelers official web pages. (One of the advantages of running these pages is you get to include all the links !). Email: david@davidm.demon.co.uk. A more full bio (without the mugshot) is on my homepage.

horsman.jpg - 7.3 KJanet Horsman: I was born in Keighley, West Yorkshire but now live in Sheffield (via Hull, Cardiff, Leeds and London). I'm currently writing up a PhD thesis at Sheffield University and work part time as a nurse on neurosurgery. Support: Sheffield Steelers and Boston Bruins.

I'd never been on ice until about 3 years ago, but now I'm learning to skate (slow but keen). My ambition is to get a job.....so I can afford some hockey skates, and to go see the Bruins play!

ozz.gif - 2.6 KOzz.... [aka Richard Bowring]. Age 30 and live in Bracknell [well someone has to!]. Supported the Bracknell Bees since the start and had to live through h*ll sometimes! Married to Lorraine who also goes to the Hockey .. luckily! Work as an Applications Engineer for a Chip Distributor in Reading and help with information on the Bees Web Page. Sit in Block 1, Row E, Seat 6/7 at all Home games and go to the Away Games as well. Enjoy the Hockey and the banter at games and can just about skate !
Email: richard.bowring@sequoia.co.uk. (Ozz - the sooner you get a picture to me, the sooner we lose the caveman !)

ellie.jpg - 5.5 KEllie Bennett, born 28/06/72, Bangor, Wales (but lived in Sheffield all my life...not sure if I'm Welsh or not). Educated at UMIST and Sheffield University. BA (hons) in Business Studies. Currently marketing manager for Associated Chemists (sponsors of Dave Simms!!!). Sheffield Steelers fan, but also involved with the original Sheffield Steelers, the wheelchair basketball team. Spend the summers travelling and having a great time on CISV. Can't play hockey....terrible skater....but have great fun trying!!!
e-mail: ellieben@aol.com.

Jeremy Hicks: Born 5 March 1963 in Rotherham; raised in Nottingham. A Panthers fan since the first game I went to, in December 1980. Degree in German, Danish and computer science from Clare College, Cambridge. Married to Rachel; two sons, Matthew (Mar 90-Nov 96) and Peter (born Oct 91). Work as an application development specialist for IBM Global Services, based in Portsmouth; live in Fareham, Training to be a Reader (non-ordained minister) in the Church of England. Support Rotherham United at football; also a fan of Australian Rules football, and a crossword addict. Email: jeremy_hicks@uk.ibm.com.

Simon HoosonSimon Hooson: Born 23/3/75. Works in an advertising agency looking after the computers. Manchester born and bred. Loves Ice Hockey in general but hates 'Manchester Waves', The Macarena, The Spice Girls and kids. Can't think of anything else. Don't believe the hype!

Mark Raynor: Follow this link to his bio and picture.
Colin WhiteColin White: No bio...awww, c'mon Colin ! Email colin@facility.demon.co.uk

Simon Sandiford-MitchellSimon Sandiford-Mitchell: Better known as the man behind Into The Storm. Email:simonsm@intothestorm.co.uk

Graham Goodman: Biography and picture at www.cee.hw.ac.uk/~ceegpg
Malcolm Preen: Biography and picture at homepages.tcp.co.uk/~sonic
Simon MorleySimon David Morley
DOB : 17-10-64
Team : Nottingham Panthers
Status : Attached to Julie
Kids : Reef (4) ; Georgia (2)
Hobbies : Taiji
Occupation : Contract CAD consultant.....
Life-lone ambition : To rule the world.
Favourite all time player : Craig Melencon
E-mail: simon.morley@domme.ntu.ac.uk

Mike Landers: Born on 14th July 1973, I share a birthday with Napoleon and Julius Caeser. This explains a lot about my megalomaniacal tendencies. I followed hockey in the North West for nigh on seven years now and fail to convince people that I have a life away from it. I work for Stockport Council, in charge of maintaining the schools management systems throughout the area. Away from the ice, I enjoy cinema (the films of John Carpenter especially), heavy rock music (Metallica, White Zombie and er... The Levellers), stand-up comedy (Mark Thomas, Bill Hicks) and a mix of the two (Mark Radcliffe and the Boy Lard). Can often been seen headbanging like a loon in Rockworld in Manchester. I have an ambitions of one day being a normal member of society but until then, send emails to plissken@netcomuk.co.uk

Janet Valentine: DOB 27.3.63, born and always lived in Moston, Manchester, but shortly migrating to Oldham (Nov 97). Have worked for Manchester University Library for 14 years, also studying for a degree with the Open University, and involved in voluntary work with a self-advocacy group for the learning-disabled. Have worked as an adult literacy tutor in the past. Fan of Manchester Storm and Altrincham Aces, and Eternal (hence the link to the pic.). Able to skate a little, also enjoy walking, swimming and table-tennis."
Rosalind Coldrey-Mobbs: Born 2nd September, a few years before the rest of you it seems !!! Grew up in Reigate, Surrey and did a Tri-Lingual Secretarial and Business Studies course at the Polytechnic of Central London, followed by two years working in Brussels. Married with two sons (13 and 9) who both play hockey ..... the field variety!! .... the elder one having been selected for North-East England. Moved from the South-East (between Bracknell and Basingstoke but hadn't heard of hockey in those days!!) eight years ago and have been a supporter of the Sheffield Steelers since half way through their first season. As for a job .... well, let's say, housewife, mother and superstar, although I do some freelance work whenever I can !! Was jointly responsible for setting up ukh. Have just acquired two new additions to the family ..... a couple of 12 week old kittens !!! Email: rmobbs@fdgroup.co.uk

Phil Hignett: Lives seven miles north of the hallowed ice that is the Centrum, home of the Eagles! First introduced to Ice Hockey in what was West Germany in 1977. Married to Nicky, another Eagles fan and we have two kids and a cat. Having spent over twelve years in IT, my interests after Ice Hockey are computers. Oh, I've also a member of my daughters school PTA for three years, which is also where Angelo Catenaro's children attend. email: pfh@enterprise.net

Mark Grayson Wood: Storm supporter and all round good fella(!). Born in Guernsey (Channel Islands) of Manchester parents and started watching rec hockey at Altrincham when my brother Martin "Woody" played for Altrincham Eagles. Progressed from there to watching the Metros (Ugh) and then the Storm. Woody (the other one) now works at the arena on match nights as a penalty box attendant and sometimes away team gofer. That explains the free tickets (sometimes). He also admits to teaching Lighting Jack to skate! Work wise I am a marketing analyst for Leeds Metropolitan University working in new high technology business start ups after an industry career (if thats what you can call it) with GEC. Aged 33 and on match nights can be found behind Block 103 in the intervals. Best UK hockey game - beating Steelers on their ice for the first time. Best overseas hockey game - Las Vegas Thunder v Houston Aeros - That man Morrissette spent half an hour in the bin before getting game.

Rodama: You're welcome to include a link to http://www.innotts.co.uk/~rmarson1/ Find a bio and picture within......
David West David West: born Feb 1960 in Bedfordhire now living as far East as possible in the UK. Earn a few quid by importing carvings from Thailand and selling through Parties. Not ideally located for following Hockey. Started supporting Milton Keynes Kings in 1993 travelling hundreds of miles in the process. Happiest moment gaining promotion to the Premier, saddest losing the team. Now one of 240ish members of the supporter club. Went to USA in 97 and saw some games there, now the only overseas member of the Long Beach Ice Dogs Booster Club, www.icedogshockey.com.

Now go to games whenever we came and have visited a lot of rinks. Favourite team Panthers, player Simon Hunt. E-Mail Doichung@Aol.com

Mike Blackmun: Go to http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/9063/mikeb.html

Kaiser Sose

A small confession - I've lost your bio :-( Can you email one to me please?

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